Colorado is renowned for many things: its natural beauty, towering Rocky Mountains, premier ski and snowboarding facilities and mile-high embrace of the outdoor lifestyle. Increasingly, it is also gaining a reputation as a destination for millennials. While the “flower power” is alive and well in places like Boulder and Fort Collins, Denver has emerged as a magnet for hipsters and those looking to settle in trendy locations. Denver offers a diverse group of neighborhoods, each with a distinct personality. Whether one is looking to enjoy cultural institutions, take advantage of the flourishing food and drink scene, or just enjoy access to all Denver has to offer, there’s a neighborhood that fits the bill. Here are a few of the trendiest neighborhoods in Denver.



LoDo, short for Lower Downtown, has held on to the title of hippest neighborhood in Denver for the better part of the past two decades. It certainly was a pioneer neighborhood in the urban renewal that Denver has enjoyed recently. Located in north central Denver, this mixed-use historic district is filled with restaurants, galleries, and nightlife hotspots. While rents in the neighborhood tend to run higher than other downtown areas, it seems to be the price to pay for the convenience of its location and access to a bounty of cultural attractions.


Five Points/RINO

This neighborhood is the newest to emerge as a one of the hippest destinations in Denver. The neighborhood, once predominantly black, now boasts a diverse population, a thriving art scene, and nearly endless opportunities to eat, drink and be merry. The nightlife scene is legendary.



The thriving neighborhood of Highland manages to strike just the right balance of hip and happening with quiet and residential. Boutiques, bars, coffee shops and artisanal eateries offer a variety of ways to while away the hours, for those that can afford it. Its top-notch setting, with easy access to downtown, makes it a super desirable location. Housing prices reflect the demand.


City Park

City Park is rapidly gaining a reputation as Denver’s next “it” neighborhood. As the name implies, it is home to the largest, and oldest, park in Denver, which offers plenty of opportunity for enjoying outdoor pursuits. Its central location, close to both Uptown and Colfax, is ideal for those looking to enjoy the variety of attractions that make Denver what it is.