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how tiny homes are affecting the Colorado market

Are Tiny Homes Causing a Big Problem in Colorado?

Because of cost-efficiency and their ability to simplify people’s lives, tiny homes are a huge trend right now in the United States. Recent popularity on HGTV shows and in magazine articles have caused a boom in the tiny home industry. Tiny homes are meant to be an alternative and affordable lifestyle, stressing simplicity. However, current […]

Moving to denver colorado

Why You Should Move To Denver Colorado

If you’re considering a move to the Mile High City, you should think carefully and weigh all your options. You will likely arrive at the conclusion that Denver is, without a doubt, one of the best places to live. In fact, the U.S. News and World Report recently ranked it as the best place to […]

Kirsten Hamling Mile High Properties That Reach New Heights

Mile High Properties That Reach New Heights

A rise in both home sales and home prices bolstered the Denver economy in 2017, but that surge soon leveled. Yet, a total of 57,788 sales of single-family homes and condos broke records during the year, showing a promising 8.7% increase since the previous year. The average home price in Denver for that year was […]

Kirsten Hamling The Trendiest Neighborhoods In Colorado

The Trendiest Colorado Neighborhoods

Colorado is renowned for many things: its natural beauty, towering Rocky Mountains, premier ski and snowboarding facilities and mile-high embrace of the outdoor lifestyle. Increasingly, it is also gaining a reputation as a destination for millennials. While the “flower power” is alive and well in places like Boulder and Fort Collins, Denver has emerged as […]

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