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Kirsten Hamling is the VP of Corporate Marketing at Cherry Creek Mortgage.

Month: February 2018

Kirsten Hamling Mile High Properties That Reach New Heights

Mile High Properties That Reach New Heights

A rise in both home sales and home prices bolstered the Denver economy in 2017, but that surge soon leveled. Yet, a total of 57,788 sales of single-family homes and condos broke records during the year, showing a promising 8.7% increase since the previous year. The average home price in Denver for that year was […]

Kirsten Hamling The Trendiest Neighborhoods In Colorado

The Trendiest Colorado Neighborhoods

Colorado is renowned for many things: its natural beauty, towering Rocky Mountains, premier ski and snowboarding facilities and mile-high embrace of the outdoor lifestyle. Increasingly, it is also gaining a reputation as a destination for millennials. While the “flower power” is alive and well in places like Boulder and Fort Collins, Denver has emerged as […]

Kirsten Hamling Living In Escrow

Living In Escrow: What It Means and How It Works

Escrow services minimize transaction risks for all parties. Rather than the buyer simply paying the seller, the funds are placed into an escrow account, which is in the control of a neutral third party, explains The Balance. This neutral third party then supervises the transaction. Once all duties required by the sales contract are fulfilled, […]

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