Kirsten Hamling is a seasoned marketing executive who oversees Corporate Marketing at Cherry Creek Mortgage in Englewood, Colorado. Kirsten tailors her 20+ years of experience to suit the unique needs of the mortgage industry, and is passionate about transforming the company as a one-stop educational Kirsten Hamling Headshotand financial resource for consumers.

Kirsten is working to ensure that the company is able to transcend some of the most common technological issues within mortgage companies, namely loan operations systems. Kirsten and the teach team at Cherry Creek are currently working on consolidating multiple systems into one in order to improve the efficiency of loan officers. Simultaneously Kirsten places great importance on revamping CRM systems to be as effective as possible— and subsequently specializing employee roles to fully meet both the needs of mortgage banking customers and the capabilities of the Cherry Creek team.

Although Kirsten Hamling has a focus on technology and automation to expedite processes and improve efficiency, she is also a major advocate for overall company transparency and personalized service for customers. A large piece of the mortgage banking marketing puzzle is tracking the consumer/buyer journey: in an industry where customers move to a secondary market once their loan is approved and closed, how can a mortgage banker effectively secure and retain a lifetime consumer?

For Kirsten, the key influencer is making customers care. Companies must maintain a presence and stay on customers’ radars, whether that means following up to review the success of their previous loans or simply automating and tracking regular outreach processes. This mindset is also applied to the company’s marketing department in general.

Marketing within the mortgage banking industry often seems impersonal or overwhelming. Kirsten Hamling emphasizes that loans should be an asset within a strong financial plan, not another source of debt and stress; the Cherry Creek team prides themselves on tailoring each loan only after they directly discuss short-term and long-term goals with their customers. This way they can fully assist them with any and all issues and help them understand why their loan offer is ideal.

Aside from marketing and mortgage education, Kirsten Hamling is a firm believer in educating others so that they feel empowered. When you feel confident in your industry knowledge, your marketing strategies will be stronger. This confidence will continue to show in your products and services as well. Kirsten has enjoyed blogging about marketing trends, real estate trends, and mortgage options to really educate others on how they can take control of their futures. With such a vast amount of experience over several markets, Kirsten Hamling believes she has a wealth of advice to offer.

Kirsten is passionate about continuing mortgage education for customers and professionals alike so that Cherry Creek can service borrowers quickly and positively every time. Follow this blog to get insights about mortgage banking.